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Using Units of Measure on Item Card Setups

Times are tough and poor Gru has gathered all the minions together to inform them that production on new minions has to stop and a full reconciliation of component parts has to be done. The Minion factory is shutting down.

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NAV Presales – The Rules of Engagement

I’ve been around NAV for a few years and I’ve been involved on the presales side of things too.  The following is a list of some of the things I deem most important when doing Presales Demonstrations for Microsoft Dynamics

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NAV Specific Posting Groups

I did promise at the beginning of January in my NAV Posting Groups Blog that I would discuss Specific Posting Groups in more detail. Microsoft describes Specific Posting Groups as follows: The primary purpose of specific posting groups is to

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The Method behind the Madness: NAV Posting Groups

I have introduced Microsoft Dynamics NAV Posting Groups in a previous post and as promised I wanted to ensure that you have some practical examples to back up the theory so here is the method behind the madness.  I will

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