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The Big Picture: NAV General and Specific Posting Groups

In previous posts, we have learned about General and Specific Posting Groups but let’s now put all the info together and view the results in the Ledger for posting with some examples. Today I will take you through how both

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NAV Specific Posting Groups

I did promise at the beginning of January in my NAV Posting Groups Blog that I would discuss Specific Posting Groups in more detail. Microsoft describes Specific Posting Groups as follows: The primary purpose of specific posting groups is to

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The Method behind the Madness: NAV Posting Groups

I have introduced Microsoft Dynamics NAV Posting Groups in a previous post and as promised I wanted to ensure that you have some practical examples to back up the theory so here is the method behind the madness.  I will

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NAV Posting Groups

There are some real benefits to Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP solution but sometimes these seem to get lost in translation between Sales and Implementation.  The sales pitch is perfect and the pre-sales consultant seems to convey a very

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