NAV Tips: NAV2013 R2 error – Unable to Verify Table Changes when importing objects in the development environment

Well hello again.

It seems an age since I last updated my blogs.  Don’t worry.  I have not disappeared, I just have the excuse of having a new baby in the house.  I’m sure all parents out there are nodding sagely and can offer great advice for dealing with teething and other issues but the latest challenge I have been faced with is a NAV one.  NAV2013 R2 to be specific.

I am back at work and very exchited to be approaching training for a new client.  I am somewhat spoiled (as are most of us) with a client that has their own IT department.  Great!  It goes something like this:

Me:  “Hi Guys.  Here’s a backup that I need you to load and also some cookies.” (Bribery is always good in any IT department)

IT Dept:  “Awesome.  Thanks, your back up is loaded.”

Everyone is happy.  And now you are sensing the BUT…

But I need to load an additional object.  Just a quick last minute fix.  Should be easy.  It goes something like this:

Me:  “Hi Guys.  Me again.  Could you please load this object into the development environment.  Will be really quick.”

IT Dept: “Err afraid not.  We are getting this error (see below).  What does it mean?”


Me:  “Great question,  I’ll get back to you on that.”  

Cue the small moment of internal panic where you hope you can find a solution to this before you need to import any more (critical) objects.


Now because I am not one for reinventing the wheel and I don’t like to claim fame that is not rightly mine I will give a BIG shout out to the chaps at Archerpoint.  Once again I am happy they post blogs about most of the issues I seem to run into.

This blog gives a fantastic overview of why you are getting the error and what you need to do to solve this issue.  As with many things in NAV there are always more ways than one to skin that cat and I am happy to hear from you in the comments what your best way for importing new objects is but I hope that this post helps point you in the right direction if you get the Unable to Verify Table Changes Error.

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