NAV Tips: Quick Entry on Pages

If you are old enough (like me) to remember the days of DOS based systems that had you pressing Enter and various F-keys and Y and N on the keyboard in lightning fast succession and almost mindless boredom, then you will remember the frustration of suddenly having to use a mouse to move around the screen to different fields, no longer able to use your superpower of looking busy to your boss while simultaneously practising the art of napping with your eyes open.

Surprisingly this is still an issue for some users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (the use of a mouse for navigation, not the napping).  The good news is that Microsoft has recognised this and added a Quick Entry feature to Pages.  Most people are unaware of this feature but it does help in many ways to save time, especially when users need to do a repetitive entry type task to do on a daily basis, e.g. setting up new Vendors, so be sure to check it out.  You may use it in the future if you don’t use it right now.

Quick Entry enables the user to choose which fields the cursor will move to next when pressing Enter on the keyboard.   Note that pressing Tab will move to the next available field regardless of Quick Entry setups.

To demonstrate Quick Entry for NAV 2013 I will use the Customer Card.

First navigate to the Customer Card and click on Menu Button and Customise and go to Customise This Page.

Customise this page

Click on Fast Tabs on the Left hand side of the Customise screen and choose the Fast Tab on the right that you want to work with.  In this example I will customise the Quick Entry on the Invoicing tab.

After selecting the tab you would like to customise click on the Customise Fast Tab… button.

Customise customer card


This will display a screen showing Available and Shown fields for that tab.  You can choose to remove fields that are not relevant to you or leave fields as they are and change the Importance of those fields.  I will cover this another time.


On the right of the screen you will see a Quick Entry tickbox.  This corresponds to the field highlighted in the Fields Shown list.  Select the fields you wish to skip over when entering information in a card and remove the Quick Entry tick or alternatively add the tick for those that you wish to activate.  Click OK when you are finished and OK again on Customising the Customer Card so that your changes are saved.

The system will now close and reopen the customer card so the changes can take effect.

Now if you place you cursor on the first field on the Quick Entry tab and press Enter on your keyboard, you will see that the cursor moves automatically to the next field marked for Quick Entry as per the customised setup.

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