Dimensions – Dimension Combinations

I have already covered the other areas of Dimensions in my previous blogs and I hope you have found them helpful.  The last thing I want to cover in the entering of Dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Dimension Combinations.

We have seen that there are various rules and defaults we can add to the setups to enable users to work in a more efficient manner and also to ensure that the correct dimensions are posted to the ledgers.  The final rule we can set up is to ensure that certain combinations of dimensions can be blocked or allowed, also ensuring that the correct dimensions are selected on posting.

Dimension Combinations can be found under the menu path: <Company Name>/Departments/Financial Management/Setup/Dimensions

This will open the Edit – Dimension Combinations screen.  Here you will see ALL Dimensions in both the rows and columns in a Matrix.  Note that even if you have more than the standard 8 Dimensions, these will still show in this list so you can set up the Defaults and Combination rules regardless of whether you can see the Dimensions in the columns on your Document Lines.

Dimension Combinations


In the screenshot above we can see there are three types of rules for Dimension Combinations.  These are:

  • No Limitations – All combinations of Dimension Values are allowed for the combination of Dimensions
  • Limited – Only certain combinations of Dimension Values for these Dimensions will be allowed.  These combinations are set by the user.
  • Blocked – These two dimensions cannot be used in conjunction with each other.  The system will error if you have inserted dimension values for both of these dimensions

If you look at the matrix combination of Project and Customergroup Dimensions you will see that this shows are rule: Blocked.  This means that if the Project Dimension and the Customergroup Dimension both hold a value, the application will display an error on posting.


If we look at the combination of Customergroup and Businessgroup Dimensions in the matrix, we can see that this is set to Limited.  To drilldown to the rules that make up this combination, right click on the Limited field and select Drilldown or place your mouse in this field (left click) and use Shift+F8 on your keyboard.  Clicking the AssistEdit button (Image

) will simply show you the list of rules you can setup and not drilldown to those setups.


Drilling down to the setups will show the Edit – Dimension Value Combinations screen:


This screen shows in this example the Customergroup Dimension Values on the rows and the Businessgroup Dimension Values along the columns.

Users can now select which combination of Dimension Values should be open or blocked.  Users will click in the field where they wish to apply a Block to the two Dimension Values and select the option for Blocked.  The system will now only error where postings that contain these two Dimension Value combinations for these Dimensions exist.

Note that you only need to do this on one combination, the other combination will automatically be updated.

It is important to maintain the Dimension Combinations each time you add new Dimension Values, especially if you are using this to ensure correct Dimension Value postings.


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