NAV Tips: Changing Column Header Height

When you first open Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, you will notice that all the column headers are on a single line and unless you widen the column, some of the Headers are too big to fit and will be cut off so you will see things like Responsi… or Gen. Bus. … – not very helpful when you want to see the full column heading without having to widen all your columns.  Yes you can hover your mouse over the column heading and wait a few seconds to see what it says but those deadlines wait on no man and less so on hovering mouse pointers.

Here is a quick NAV Tip for changing the Header Height of columns in NAV 2013.

Navigate to any List that has column headers and right click on the Column Header.  That’s the actual description of the column you need to click on.  Now select Choose Header Height and then select the number of Lines you want in the Header.  I like to work to the maximum of 3 lines.


This has changed the Column Header Height for just the list you are working in.  If you want to apply this across the entire NAV 2013 Role Tailored Client then once again right click on the Column Header and go to Choose Header Height but this time select “Apply to All Lists”


The system will prompt you to confirm you want to make the change to all lists in the application.  Click Yes to continue.


Congratulations!  You have changed all Column Header Heights in the system to show 3 lines now.

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2 comments on “NAV Tips: Changing Column Header Height
  1. Michael Carr says:

    this doesn’t appear to work


    • Gemma says:

      Hi Michael. This should work but it is difficult to surmise why it is not working for you. It could be a permission enhanced to your system to not allow users to edit columns but I have not seen this fail in any other setting. I would check with your NAV partner why you can’t do this.


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