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There is a fantastic community out there for Microsoft Dynamics and the NAV world has so many knowledgeable professionals all willing to share their experiences and lend a hand where needed. Of course there is always the question, when you start out in the NAV world of where you should be looking for the information. Google searches for “NAV Blogs” or “Best NAV Blogs” don’t always return exactly what you may be looking for and are often peppered with misleading search returns or very “Microsoft” and often technically related content.

I have compiled a list of blogs and sites that I tend to use and keep on top of. This is not the extensive list and of course there are so many other ways to access information through different social media platforms but this is a cut of MY list (in no particular order) and why I like these sites…

The first ever website to make it to my Favourites List for NAV is
This has to be the one site that in the very early days had the forums where you could find pretty much anything and the download section is great for videos and demos when you need just that extra little assistance. Mibuso has been around for a few years and you will quickly pick up on the names of some of the professionals that are very active in answering questions. Most of these guys have been awarded MVP status, have their own blogs and in some cases published books.

One of the best places for NAV related books is PACKT Publishing.
Simply running a search for NAV on their home screen will get you a list of all their NAV related books. They do some great deals on PDF and hardcopy formats.

A couple of the chaps that have books out there include Vjekoslav Babić and Mark Brummel – you can pick up Vjeko’s blogs at or
Vjeko’s blogs are more suited for those that have been around NAV for a little while. As a new beginner you may find it a little heavy going as he is great with the technical side of things so if you already have a basic understanding of NAV under the hood then you will benefit from his blog.

Mark Brummel also has a great technical blog and is very active across many of the community forums.

Of course Microsoft has it’s own community Blog where you will find plenty of topics to whet your appetite.  You can spend hours perusing the various blogs but this site is great if you also want to check the forums for answers to some questions.

The Dynamics User Group (DUG) has a good set of Blogs and is another great site for Forums.  You will tend to find that search engine results on any NAV related questions will usually return Mibuso or DUG results.  Be aware that DUG covers more than just NAV so you will need to narrow down your search for NAV.

Four blogs that I tend to follow religiously (again this is my personal preference) are Navision Girl, ArcherPoint, Confessions of a Dynamics NAV Consultant and Waldo’s Blog.  What all of these have in common is that they are written either by consultants or with the consultant and end user in mind.  They are great for video links, how-to and reviews that are up to date and pertinent to everyday challenges faced by users.  They are updated regularly and will always have the latest information that you need.

I hope this helps you find some more information and some interesting topics.  Remember always that the Dynamics NAV community is a friendly place so just ask and someone will answer.

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6 comments on “NAV Blogs
  1. Hi Gemma

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Great initiative!
    Actually, if I may add a site to the list – though on the more technical side – it is Gunnar’s Blog. He writes some great technical stuff on NAV:

    I myself have a closed Dynamics NAV Integration Experts Group on Google+.
    I kind of regret that i started it as a closed group (it cannot be changed), but I really wanted to keep the group free from recruiters etc. which I think is a problem on LinkedIn and similar sites. but you are free to mention the Google+ Group. We are around 100 NAV integration experts and techie-persons there 🙂

    I’ll be sure to follow your site!

    Kind regards
    Søren Alexandersen


  2. Mike says:

    TҺanks for offering this kind of supeгb info.


  3. I likе browsing your web sites. Αpρreciate it!


  4. Incrediƅly insightful look frontward to coming back.


  5. Read This says:

    I ɑрpreciate checkіng your websites. Thank you sօ mucҺ!


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