Introducing… Me

So this is my official introduction.  I have been accused in the past of being a little too enthusiastic about NAV and as you can see, my first post on a new blog immediately dealt with NAV before I have even introduced myself, so bear with me while I tell you a little about myself and the aim for this site…

My name is Gemma Warren and I have worked with and on NAV for over ten years now.  I started my NAV career on a Support Desk learning my first NAV lessons (or Navision as it was back then) from a manual and a very patient colleague who sat next to me.  My time on the support desk proved invaluable when I stepped out into the world to implement the solution.  It is a good thing for all consultants who are implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV to have an idea of the sort of issues that regularly crop up on the Support Desk so if you have not done so already, go have a chat with the guys that deal with the post implementation pains.

Implementing NAV is to me the most rewarding experience.  Taking users who work in a myriad of ways across the business and streamlining their processes and their interactions with the system so they work smart (and in so many cases less hours too), then watching as they become just as passionate about NAV as I am is a great experience for me.

I have also worked as an end user and this has once again given me a totally new perspective to the way in which users very easily fall into bad habits and forget the lessons and short-cuts they learned in training.  It is easy for Microsoft partners to offer refresher training but sometimes users just need a little bit of a cheat card or quick refresh that should, in my humble opinion, be made readily available.

So this brings me nicely to why I have started this Blog.  First and foremost to share my knowledge but also to hopefully make life easier for users and implementation consultants along the way.  I will be covering the main topics that from my experiences cause confusion and will cover theory in one post, a practical with some screenshot examples in another post (so you can apply the knowledge) and where possible a short video that will help you to remember the information and pass it on.

Topics that I will cover will include (in no particular order unless you request them):

  • Posting Groups
  • Dimensions
  • Sales Order Processing with Shipments
  • Sales Order Processing with Reservations
  • Purchase Order Processing with Receipts
  • Purchase Order Processing with Prepayments
  • Fixed Assets
  • Warehousing Simple
  • Advanced Warehousing using Zones and Bins
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly Management
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Journals
  • Analysis by Dimension
  • Account Schedules
  • Reporting in NAV
  • Addins for NAV 2013
  • The use of Recurring Journals
  • New features in NAV 2013 R2

If you have a topic you would like to see covered or expanded on, please let me know and I will give you my own special twist for helping to understand and train on that point.

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